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arrow ----- PROYECTO ALL-IN-ONE ------
All-in-One: Integrated platform for counting and identifying traffic

Aceinsa, Kineo, IPS Vial, CEI, B-105, i3-UPM (2016-19)
Funded by: Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad (RETOS) and FEDER

Executive summary

All-in-One builds a traffic monitoring platform that integrates counting and identification in space and time.
It includes a hardware device equipped with radar and Bluetooth identification capabilities, novel processing modules to provide enhanced traffic management information, and meaningful visual tools.


  • Integrated vehicle counting and identification.
  • Radar and Bluetooth.
  • Enhanced traffic information.
  • Traffic management.

Funded by:


Dirección: C\ Metano, 2 - 47012 Valladolid - Teléfono: +34 983 21 24 98